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Are you interested in getting to know political life in Berlin? Then why not take part in a BPA trip? Whether you are an individual, part of a local association, a company outing, a school class or a sports team, everyone is welcome to visit me in Berlin. 


What can you expect?

Two days in Berlin, filled with an ever-changing political and cultural

cultural programme.

From visits to ministries, guided tours of museums or city tours

city tours, there is something of everything.

And of course a conversation with me. 


Will there be any costs for you?

No, participation in the BPA trips is free of charge for you. 

Are you interested?

Then write to Martin Hackbarth in the Schwerin office:

E-mail: moin-wahlkreis(at)

Sitzung im Bundestag mit Olaf Scholz am Rednerpult


Are you a pupil? Are you still studying?

Are you interested in politics? Then visit me for an internship

in Berlin and get to know the working world in the heart of German politics. 


Duration of internship:

For students at least 2 months, for pupils compulsory internship duration. 

Internship location:   

In the heart of German politics! You will work in Berlin, in the Paul-Löbe-Haus.


Public relations, e.g. support in the creation of social media content, insights into parliamentary processes, participation in the internship programme of the SPD parliamentary group. 

General requirements:

Great interest in current political affairs and social issues, enthusiasm for political processes, personality with strong communication skills and ability to work in a team, organisational talent, agreement with the values and goals of social democracy.

Requirements for students:

Current enrolment at a higher education institution, preferably in a social science degree programme

Requirements for pupils:

Compulsory internship, school / place of residence Schwerin, Nordwestmecklenburg, Ludwigslust-Parchim. 

Please send us the following documents for an application:

Cover letter

Curriculum vitae

Relevant certificates, matriculation certificate if applicable 


Are you interested? Then get in touch with my office manager Jonas Littmann at

Reem Alabali-Radovan mit Praktikantin im Bundeskanzleramt


Here you can find the newest of my speeches. For the full collection please click  here

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Alle Videos

Alle Videos
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