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Reem Alabali-Radovan telefoniert im gehen

What do you love most about being a politician?

What makes me the most happy is the good feeling I end most days with. Even if it has been a long day with many impressions, my review is positive, because I know that I have worked for the people. The most fun for me is to be in direct contact with so many divers persons. In my opinion it’s a privilege to be able to get to know so many different stories each day and to bear responsibility for how our country and our society is being build.

Why did you become a politician and why with the SPD?

My heart has always been social democratic. Even as a student and as a worker in a refugee shelter I always kept up with the politics, I positioned myself and I was able to have different perspectives on current events. I have long thought about becoming active, but then events like Hanau tipped the scales. I couldn’t be passive any longer, I wanted to help shape our society. I identify myself strongly with the values of the social democratic party and I am proud to represent my constituency.

Can you tell us one secret from the world of politics? 

-laughing- From Berlin or Schwerin? Both? Well, most of the politicians you see in the media are just normal people, who need their coffee in the mornings and who sometimes are happy about an unexpected early end of the workday. Okay, maybe a real secret from berlin, what only those know who work there: Its only worth going to the canteen on certain days…, if you know what I mean!


In 1972, Norbert Gansel (SPD) began to disclose his income and assets shortly after his election to the Bundestag. He coined the term “transparent MP”. Since then, the SPD has been fighting to make this mandatory. To date, there is no law obliging every member of the German Bundestag to disclose his/her supplementary income. As a Transparent Member of Parliament, I commit myself to show you all my income openly and transparently and to update any changes on this page.

As a social democrat, I stand for more transparency. In the following, you will therefore find all my income and resources as an MP, Minister of State and Anti-racism Commissioner. I do not have any additional income apart from my political offices.


Allowance for Members of Parliament (Diet)

As a member of the 20th German Bundestag, I currently receive a reduced diet of €6,369.58 due to my remuneration as Minister of State. This is taxable but exempt from pension contributions.

Income as Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor / Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Integration and Refugees

As Minister of State, I receive an income of €13.312,05 per month. This income is also taxable except for €383,47 expense allowance.

I am also an honorary member of various bodies related to my office. For example, I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the German Children and Youth Foundation, a member of the Board of Trustees of the German Institute for Human Rights, a member of the Advisory Board of the Information and Documentation Centre for Anti-Racism Work and a member of the National Committee of the No Hate Speech Movement Germany. Many of these memberships I have taken over with my office, some are new.


Income as Federal Government Commissioner for Anti-Racism

As the Federal Government Commissioner for Anti-Racism, I do not receive any additional income. The exercise of my office is guaranteed by my income as Minister of State.

Flat-rate expenses allowance

  • Flat-rate allowance of €3,437.54 per month

This lump-sum expense allowance is tax-free, as it may only be used for expenses related to my mandate. These include rent, electricity, and equipment for my constituency offices.

  • Account for benefits in kind amounting to €12,000.00 per year

This lump-sum is used, for example, for technical equipment and office furnishings as well as magazine subscriptions.

  • Flat-rate personnel allowance of €23,205.00 per month

This lump-sum is used for the salaries, travel expenses and accommodation costs of my staff.


Here you will find the corresponding photos for press publications. It may be used free of charge for editorial purposes (copyright: Sascha Krautz).

Post-processing (with the exception of sensible cropping as well as resizing) is only permitted with the consent of Reem Alabali-Radovan. Use in an illegal manner, defamatory manner, immoral/unethical manner, sexist, glorifying violence or for the use of opinion statements is generally not approved.

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